My Story
I am Lavinna Hengemuhle, a San Diego-based designer who solves problems through collaboration. As a dedicated mother and wife, I understand the importance of communication and teamwork in achieving success.
My UX/UI design journey began when I felt a persistent desire to explore my natural talent for visual creativity. I was searching for a career path that would allow me to combine my soft skills with design. UX/UI design is the perfect blend of logic, collaboration, and creativity. As a UX/UI designer, I enjoy balancing the analysis and organization of data to solve problems, while also utilizing my creativity to create digital products that are not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing.
I have a background in project management and customer service. I worked in the aerospace and defense industry for five years, collaborating with various engineering and manufacturing groups to expedite critical path components and processes to ensure timely completion of projects. Additionally, I spent three years working in the retail industry, where I helped customers feel their best selves and enhanced their shopping experience. 
I have developed a customer-first approach with the help of my soft skills. This approach has helped me to better understand the wants, needs, motivations, and frustrations of my users throughout my design process. My ultimate goal is to help businesses cater to the needs of their customers and potential customers through meaningful digital experiences.
When I’m not designing, you can catch me exploring different playgrounds with my toddler, hiking at the local trails, spending time with family and friends, cooking new recipes, discovering new local hot spots, shopping at discount retailers, and planning fun getaways that usually involve warm weather, fun activities, culture, and of course food.
I enjoy meeting new people. Let's connect!

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